AIA National Board Regional Director

AIA Ohio Valley Regional Director to the National Board of the AIA

AIA Ohio, AIA Indiana and AIA Kentucky are part of the AIA Ohio Valley Region.  This region is represented on the AIA National Board of Directors by two representatives, each of whom serve three year terms.  The AIA Ohio Valley Region is represented in 2014 by Martha Tarrant AIA of AIA Kentucky and Bruce Sekanick AIA of AIA Ohio and the Eastern Ohio Chapter.  The Board of Directors in 2015 will be changed to include a Board and Strategic Council.  

The new 2015 junior Council Representative will be Drew White FAIA of AIA Indianapolis IN

The 2015 senior Council Representative will be Bruce Sekanick AIA OAA of AIA Eastern Ohio

The Ohio Valley Region also has a Regional Associate Director.  Ted Ferringer of AIA Cleveland is serving his second year as a representative for the National Associates Committee.

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