Architects are know specifically for their abilities to design and work with others in the construction industry to improve the built environment.  Lesser know to the public is the ability of architects to participate in public sector committees and organizations to help provide direction on issues related to design and construction.  The following members of chapter participate as Citizen Architects within local communities 

As of December 1, 2014 the following public positions were held by AIA Eastern Ohio member architects:

John DeFrance AIA   City of Youngstown, Design Review Board
    Trustee, Belmont Park Cemetary
Rodney Lamberson AIA   Design Review Committee, Wick Neighbors
    Vice Chair, Opera Western Reserve Board of Trustees
Kim Phillips AIA   Warren Redevelopment and Planning 
    City of Warren - Board of Appeals
    City of Warren - Planning Commission
Tim Thomas AIA   Secretary, Compass Family and Community Services
Bruce Sekanick AIA OAA     City of Warren - Board of Residential Appeals
    Catholic Diocese of Youngstown - Art and Architecture Committee

Professional Resources and Programs from the AIA

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