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Updated April 28, 2016

The Eastern Ohio Chapter continues its effort to advance members of the profession through registration.  On June 29th, 2016, the IDP will be revised to the new AXP Architecture Experience Program and will combine the 17 experience areas into 6 new areas that more appropriately reflect the not only practice, but also the testing of the ARE.  With the arrival of ARE 5.0 in the fall of 2016, the ARE and AXP will before formatted as a comprehensive experience and testing program.  Bruce Sekanick, AIA, OAA has recently been appointed as the AIA Ohio Architect Licensing Advisor and can be contacted for information on either the ARE or AXP programs.

Updated October 24, 2014

The AIA Eastern Ohio Associate Advance Program, sponsored by Phillips|Sekanick Architects, inc.,has been recognized by the Intern Advisory Council (IAC)for its efforts in assisting graduates through the IDP and ARE process. Phillips|Sekanick Architects, inc has been named a recipient of the 2014-2017 IDP Firm Award.  The IAC is a joint effort of the AIA and NCARB and was created to promote best practices in advancing ARE candidates to registration.  The program by Phillips|Sekanick Architects, inc is the first Ohio firm to be recognized since the awards inception in 2010.  

Updated August 9, 2013

AIA Eastern Ohio, in conjunction with Phillips|Sekanick Architects, Inc |psainc| has created the Eastern Ohio Associate Advancement Program.  This program focuses on providing assistance and opportunities to those enrolled in the NCARB Intern Development Program to take and pass the Architects Registration Exam.  By providing current study guides and information, and an environment that encourages candidates to work together towards registration, the AAP provides opportunities for graduates of accredited programs to complete their ARE testing at the earliest opportunity in their professional career. 


Funded through Phillips|Sekanick Architects, inc. |psainc|, the program was developed to provide study material, establish group preparation opportunities, and to advance the needs of area interns or associate members.  This program continues to evolve to include a coordinated network of both newly registered architects as well as seasoned design professionals to act as outside mentors to program participants.  In addition, an education program that introduces business issues and information to architects has also been developed as an alternate to the traditional HSW path of professional development.  These programs have been designed to provide emerging professionals, as well as others not previously exposed to business management, with basic information in key areas of practice.  These sessions include finance, legal issues, marketing and technology related programs.  The format of this effort is deliberately flexible enough to accommodate changing conditions and needs of the interns and the chapter.


This program was created and is maintained under the direction of Bruce W. Sekanick, AIA, Ohio Valley Regional Director, and Chad Ramkey, Assoc. AIA, Former AIA Eastern Ohio Associate Director, and current AIA EOC Secretary.


Bruce W. Sekanick AIA, OAA
AIA Ohio Architect Licensing Advisor
Phillips|Sekanick Architects, inc|psainc|
142 East Market Street, Warren, Ohio 44481-1121
[p] 330-395-9519 [c] 330-717-3905 [e] This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Chad Ramkey, Assoc. AIA
AIA Eastern Ohio, President-Elect
Phillips|Sekanick Architect, inc|psainc|
142 East Market Street, Warren, Ohio 44481-1121
[p] 330-395-9518 [e] This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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