AIA Eastern Ohio is a chapter of the American Institute of Architects and, along with six (6) other chapters, form the Ohio Society of the American Institute of Architects.   As an organization, AIA Eastern Ohio strives to unite members of the architectural profession, improve, for society, the quality of the built environment, foster design excellence and promote the value of architecture as an ever increasing service to society.

AIA member Architects seek, through continuing education, to apply current standards and technology to projects while at the same time, adhering to a Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct that demonstrates their dedication to meeting high standards in professional practice.  With a broad knowledge and understanding of construction, AIA Architects can help direct and guide the entire design process.

Few understand the complicated process of design, and the Architect is the one professional with the education, training and experience to help navigate the building design and construction process. 

Links from National and Collaterals

Architecture and the AIA remain in the news on a variety of platforms and we hope to bring a summary of events and articles here to the AIA EOc website.  Below are links that were recently posted on other component websites from across the state or region.

National Governance Changes Occur 12.17.14
NCARB Registration Board Survey Information 11.26.14

Links Across Ohio and the Ohio Valley

There is always a lot going on at this time of year as most components continue their efforts to plan for the coming year.  With all of the activity, you may have missed some industry news and events.  Please take the time to check out these articles recently posted at AIAOhio:

AIA Ohio's Efforts for new Good Samaritan Bill 11.20.14
AIA OVR Convention Keynote Survey  11.18.14



#ilookup What does it mean to be an architect?

On 12.12, The American Institute of Architects released the newest part of our national marketing and public relations effort.  The #ilookup video has circulated widely on social media and the web and can be found on a related website at www.ilookup.org.  The video is part of a larger effort to allow architects to begin the conversation on the many ways that architecture affects people in their daily lives.  This effort is also intended to explore what architects do in the design of place and space.  The #ilookup effort will continue into 2015 with an updated version of the video being released to air on cable news programs and well as during PGA events. Additional information on the program can be found on the AIA Ohio website.

AIA National Strategic Council members #ilookup at the Lincoln Memorial 12.12.14

Members of the AIA National Strategic Council #ilookup at the Lincoln Memorial on 12.12.2014

AIA Eastern Ohio Design Award Recipients


The Eastern Ohio Chapter of the AIA held our Annual Meeting and Design awards program on November 15, 2014 at The Stambaugh Auditorium in Youngstown.  The meeting was highlighted by the presentation of the 2014 AIA EOC Design Awards.  A total of twelve projects were reviewed by the jury of de leon & primer architecture workshop of Louisville, KY.
Two projects were selected for recognition and are recognized below.  

Read more: AIA Eastern Ohio Design Award Recipients

The Houses of Youngstown Coloring Book

HousesThe Houses of Youngstown Coloring Book, produced in cooperation with Youngstown City Schools and the Eastern Ohio Chapter of the AIA has just been released.  This booklet is produced as a cooperative effort to introduce students in the third through fifth grade to architecture and the environment.  The Houses Coloring Book is the second produced with the school system and concentrates on the various styles of houses that may be discovered within the city.  

The booklet has been prepared with the assistance of a variety of groups.  Funding has been provided in part by AIA Eastern Ohio as well as the AIA Ohio Opportunity Grant.  

Lamberson Receives AIA EOC Gold Medal

Rodney Lamberson AIA, ACHA of Strollo Architects was awarded the AIA Eastern Ohio Gold Medal for his service to the profession.  As a long time member of both the Eastern Ohio Chapter and Strollo Architects, Rodney has distinguished himself and has enhanced the standing of the profession through the design of an expansive portfolio of award winning projects.  As one of the founding members of the American College of Healthcare Architects (ACHA), Rodney has focused much of his efforts on the healthcare environment, including the Joanie Abdu Comprehensive Breast Care Center, St. Elizabeth Boardman and the Hospice of the Valley.  His work and efforts have also affected members of the profession and community through time dedicated to mentorship and community service.

The Eastern Ohio Chapter of the AIA would like to congratulate Rodney on the well deserved recognition and we thank him for his efforts in raising the quality of the built environment.

EOC Firm Acknowledged for IDP Effort

AIA EOC firm Phillips|Sekanick Architects, inc |psainc| has been recognized by the Internship Advisory Council, a joint effort of the AIA and NCARB, for their work in establishing the AIA Eastern Ohio Associate Advancement Program.  The firm was named as a top 20 firm for the 2014-2017 IDP Firm Award, which recognizes practices that integrate internship, examination and career development into the office culture.  The twenty firms that received recognition demonstrated excellence in mentoring, supervising, training opportunities, commitment to IDP and ARE support. More information is available at the NCARB Blog 

Read more on the |psainc| AIA EOc Associates Advancement Program by visiting our AAP Page on the website.






Happy Thanksgiving to EOC Friends and Family

The Eastern Ohio Chapter would like to wish our friends, families, and sponsors and very Happy Thanksgiving.  As we enter the holiday season, we want to acknowledge those who work with us day to day in our efforts to improve the built environment and focus on livable communities.  It is through collaborative efforts that we are able to enhance the built environment.

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